Water Cooled Systems


Working Since Last 10 years. We Undertake Project & maintenance of all type of commercial as well as domestic Air conditioning. We specialized in Commercial Air conditioning & Our Staff in Trained by Voltas Limited. Today, our impressive response time and flexible approach, experienced engineers and superior attention to detail ensures that we are first choice for event cooling and heating hire throughout the event industry.

We understand that the latest products in a fleet equipped to meet the needs of today's customers is as important as the quality of our response time, customer service and commitment to providing a first class service, every time. We Currently Provide Service to the Central Plant, Chilling Unit Air Cooled & Water Cooled. We also do Project Designing for New Site commercial and residential both.

At Glance

• Maintaining of small, medium and large air-conditioning plants.
• Maintenance on central air-conditioning plants.
• Installation of small and medium air conditioning plants.
• Installation of small and medium refrigeration plants.
• Evaporative cooling maintenance and installations.
• Upgrading of old central plants for energy efficiency and renewal of control panels.
• Guarantee and Maintenance services for companies installing central plants.
• Engineering works big or small.
• Generator service division.
• Electrical maintenance on Air-conditioning as well as refrigeration plants.


Air Cooled Systems

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